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Dec 28

Happy New Year

Posted at 10:51 am | Last Edit on 12/28/2009 | Post by pastor

What are your resolutions for the new year? Most of us have one or more. Some even keep them. The secret to keeping resolutions is Prayer. I know you're saying, "Sounds like a preacher to me." It's true. Try this. Pray and ask God what resolutions He wants you to make for the new year. Write them down (That's BIG!). Then pray asking for His help. Pray about them daily. Jesus taught His disciples about prayer inn Luke 11. In this chapter He teaches the principle of persistent prayer. Our Heavenly Father wants to give us good things. When we ask, He will respond. What resolution will God lead you to make this year? Resolve to Read your Bible daily. Resolve to Witness to your lost friends. Resolve to lose weight or quit smoking. Resolve to start tithing. Reslove to get out of debt. Resolve to spend more time with your family. Resolve to deepen your walk with God. Resolve to break a bad habit. Resolve to . . .

Dec 07

What do You do if You have a wayward child?

Posted at 12:14 pm | Last Edit on 12/07/2009 | Post by pastor

Do you have a wayward child or grandchild? Many families have a child who has strayed away from the way they were raised and are harming themselves with the decisions they are making. As I talk to families I see how such a situation breaks the hearts of Godly parents and grand-parents. It also breaks the very heart of God. But what are we to do? As I thought and prayed about this I sensed God leading me to examine the parable of the prodigal son. Here is the perfect example of a wayward son who has made many poor decisions and is paying a terrible price for them. He knows that his lifestyle is wrong, harmful, and causing him misery. PRAY This parable is found in Luke 15, but Jesus also tells a story about persistent prayer in Luke 11. I know that any father worth his salt would be praying for his son or daughter if they were in a similar situation. I believe Jesus’ teaching on bold, persistent, urgent prayer can be applied to this situation. Parents, pray for your child and don’t give up! Jesus says in Luke 11:9-10, “So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 10For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” NIV What do you pray for? Well, I can’t answer that one completely because every case is different. However, I would pray for God to speak to my child. I would pray for my child to find Godly friends who could minister to him or her. I would pray that my child’s heart would remain tender and open to God’s leading. I would pray for God’s wisdom in what to say when he or she called. I would ask righteous men and women to pray as well (James 5:16). FAITH, HOPE & LOVE The whole time his wayward son is missing, I believe the Father was hoping and even planning for his return. Luke 15: 22-23 tells us that the father had a calf being fattened for a celebration. What did he have to celebrate with his son gone and in danger? I think nothing. But He had Hope. I see the hope in his heart in the fact that there was a ring to symbolize his sonship as well as a robe and shoes for this child whom had lost everything except his belief that he could come home. The Father had planned for the day when his prayers would be answered. He had Faith! What kept him praying, hoping? What made him exercise his faith when his son was lost? I know it was love. Love kept him going, kept him praying, kept him hoping. Even when love isn’t returned, it is what helps us to be more like our heavenly Father than anything else. CELEBRATE Celebrate when your child turns his or her life around and comes back to their faith and their family. Our children need to see our excitement when they make a good decision, they need to feel our joy, they need to see our approval. How you celebrate is up to you, but while you are praying is a good time to plan the family celebration of a wayward child’s return. It can be elaborate or simple, but it should come with complete forgiveness. The father never mention how much his son’s poor decisions had cost or what the son had done while rebelling. He simply celebrates that his son “was lost and is found.” Some members of the family may not understand the celebration. Try to explain it to them before hand and even enlist their support and prayers too.