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Jan 14

Run Hard

Posted at 8:43 am | Last Edit on 01/14/2011 | Post by pastor

"But you, Timothy, man of God: Run for your life from all this. Pursue a righteous life —a life of wonder, faith, love, steadiness, courtesy. Run hard and fast in the faith. Seize the eternal life, the life you were called to, the life you so fervently embraced in the presence of so many witnesses. I'm charging you before the life-giving God and before Christ, who took his stand before Pontius Pilate and didn't give an inch: Keep this command to the letter, and don't slack off. Our Master, Jesus Christ, is on his way. He'll show up right on time I Timothy 6:11-16 (The Message) NIV “pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness. Fight the good fight of the faith...” Moses, Elisha, David, Jesus and here Timothy are all described as a “Man of God.” I want to challenge each of you to run away from living an un-godly life and pursue a righteous life. God's Word wouldn't offer us this challenge if we were not capable of living up to it with God's help. I love the phrases Paul uses here in the Message Translation: “Run for your life,” “Run hard and fast,” “Seize the eternal life,” “don’t slack off.” But in whatever translation you read from, it is clear that we have a choice to either run to a righteous life or run away from it. Please read this passage in your Bible, highlight it and meditate upon it. I believe it will speak to you as it has to me.